What is the role of a Plastic Surgeon?  Everything you should know?

A plastic surgeon is a well-known and licensed medical doctor. He/she is trained in patient interactions, basic surgery, and trauma care. Some of them are also specialized in some specific areas like body contouring, tissue transfer, and laser surgery. Reconstructive or plastic surgery (Click here to know more about plastic surgery) deals with the tissue restoration of a normal function and form.

Plastic surgery is considered much more than the other two types of surgeries available- the cosmetic surgery and the aesthetic surgery. Here, a cosmetic surgery is one of the most visible and glamorous aspects of the plastic surgery, but it are somehow a smaller part of the specialty. Whereas, plastic surgery cannot only be used to enhance your look but can also restore your overall appearance after an accident or bout with any some serious diseases like cancer or more. Talking about a plastic surgeon, well then they may work on almost any part of your body and can hold an expertise in any specific body location like head, neck or hands.

Various plastic surgeonsclick here to know more- do not own a disease just like other physicians do, along with plastic surgeons do not own any body part like heart surgeons do. In fact, they work on over the body regardless of the diseases. Plastic surgeons have special skills and expertise, like creating a skin graft or a flap graft. They tend to learn the process in order to transfer tissue from part of the other and manage to work on the complex wounds by using several implantable materials like plastic and metal in some cases.

Additionally, when administering the treatment procedures like facelifts, breast augmentation and more, plastic surgeons may treat your bones of your skull and face in order to repair cleft lips or palate. Burn patients also need to undergo plastic surgery nowadays so as to cover the areas where the skin has been scarred or damaged. People who have also received several traumatic injuries can also need the plastic surgery in some cases.

There are five main areas of treatment processes in plastic surgery:

  • For patients with trauma and burns
  • People suffering from Cancer for instance: skin, head and neck, breast and sarcoma.
  • In case of several congenital deformities
  • Tissue degenerative conditions that require reconstruction
  • Normalization and improvement in your looks and appearances.