How Get the Most Out during the First Meeting with an Immigration Attorney?

When shopping around for an immigration lawyer, it is better to keep yourself prepared for your first meeting when hiring one. What exactly you should expect? What all you need to get yourself prepared? Well, to get the most from your first meeting with the Utah immigration attorneys, you must consider the following steps:

Schedule an Appointment

Even though several firms may allow you to walk-in to meet their immigration attorney without having an appointment, remember that many lawyers will be quite busy to work for you into their schedule. So, even if an attorney can see you immediately, then both of you will not be prepared for the meeting. Therefore, always schedule your appointment in advance.

Try to Prepare a List of Questions

So, right before your appointment, try to write down a list of important questions related to your immigration problem. Try to take that list of questions along when meeting your Utah immigration attorneys – or even better email that lists to him/her in advance of your meeting.  Always remember that the questions related to immigration that are generally being asked at your initial meeting with the lawyer may include; how long will your case take to end? What are the legal charges and other related fees involved? Is there any fee for government or filing that you need to pay?

Always carry your case documents to the meeting

If this is your first immigration case, then you may need not to have many documents to access. However, if you are asking your immigration attorney to review a case that has already been filed then you must have the copy of all the important documents and take them your initial meeting. Other documents that immigration lawyer would definitely want to review will include: marriage certificates if your case is related to marriage to a US citizen or permanent resident along with any criminal record if you or the person you are about sponsor are going through removal proceedings. If the attorney required reviewing the documents during the initial meeting, then he/ she will provide you with a prior consultation checklist right at the time when you schedule your appointment with them.